Bowls, Beats, and Brews: A May Long Weekend Celebration at Burleigh Heads Bowls Club

As the May long weekend approached, anticipation mounted for an unforgettable celebration at the iconic Burleigh Heads Bowls Club. Nestled against the backdrop of breathtaking sunsets, this legendary green was primed to host an epic gathering unlike any other.

The festivities kicked off in style with a vibrant DJ set by none other than Lola’s Dad, setting the perfect tone for an afternoon of barefoot bowls and endless fun. The greens buzzed with energy as Olas punters and friends alike gathered to partake in the festivities, thanks in no small part to the outdoor pop-up bar courtesy of our generous partners at Vodka&.

With drinks in hand and bowls in motion, laughter filled the air as friends and strangers alike bonded over friendly competition. As the sun began to fall, casting a golden hue across the horizon, the atmosphere only grew more electric.

As twilight descended, the sounds of live music filled the air, courtesy of the talented folks at Chutney who serenaded the crowd with an acoustic set, adding an extra layer of magic to our evening. 

As nightfall creeped in, the revelry showed no signs of slowing down. Laughter mingled with the gentle clink of glasses as friends old and new continued to make memories under the starlit sky.

Reflecting on the day's festivities, it was clear that this was more than just a party—it was a celebration of friendship, community, and the joy of coming together to revel in the simple pleasures of life. As we bid farewell to the long weekend, hearts full and spirits soaring, one thing was certain: memories of this epic celebration at Burleigh Heads Bowls Club. We can’t wait to host the next one!