In 2016 we started this dream of ours, Olas Supply Co. We wanted to try something different, something that we were passionate about, and something that we enjoyed, in the hopes we could branch away from our regular Monday to Friday jobs.  

Joel was a plumber and I worked in Insurance. We both LOVED to travel, first meeting each other in Europe where we were both living and working in 2013. After that we saved up for each little trip week by week until we decided to quit our jobs, sell our cars and jump on a plane. We travelled Central and South America for 12 months before eventually moving to Indonesia, where our Business journey began. 

Knowing we never wanted to return to our old jobs we worked hard to get our little business up and running, from sourcing and designing our first range in Bali to moving back home and posting out orders from our garage in our Burleigh Heads apartment. We worked long hours, weekends, early mornings and nights but we are so proud of where we have come. 

We now have our own warehouse and Australia wide stockists. 
We are so grateful and can’t thank everyone enough for their support, purchases and love along the way. 

Olas is a brand built around Travel, Adventure and Fun. Drawing inspiration from our travels over the years our style is focused on comfortable, quality garments using breathable materials perfect for adventures, with designs that compliment a lifestyle by the ocean. 

We can’t wait to keep doing what we love and designing new ranges for you guys.

 Big love,
Joel & Nicole x